From Dreamtrip to Dreamlife

This book is an inspiring personal story about travel and the courage to follow your dream. Read a short description and stay tuned for the English translation of the book!

Soap Bubbles

Read everything on how to make enormous soap bubbles, tips trics and know-how's!


Performances and streettheater filled with energy, sincerity and fun. There is dance, acrobatics and music. There is contact and vulnerability. Failure becomes possibility. Reality is put into...

Plastic Art

Beautiful jewelry and other objects, made from leftovers. Learn how to practise this art yourself in a workshop or take a look in the webshop.


Browse through the different products for making enormous soap bubbles and the Plastic Art. Drop it in your cart and your order is done in a minute!

About Lilith

Read more about Lilith Schaap, the person behind the sopa bubbles, the clown, the workshops, the theater, the book and the art.