About Lilith

I love using different aspects of myself by doing different kinds of work. The perfect thing about doing many different things is the trap of assuming that I AM what I do becomes a lot smaller. For a long time I was a dramatherapist (I didn’t work as one, I WAS one). The moment came in which I realized this frame or identity limited me. I let go of this role and went back to being Lilith.

So, who is Lilith?
I love to inspire people with my way of living and my vision on life. In everything I do I let my specific Lilith-energy get through. Lilith is openness, honesty and vulnerability. Go with what life has to offer you. Laughter and sincerity with a sniff of adventure.

What do I do?
I go on adventures, I travel, I create, I play, I act, I write, I dance, I sing, I do yoga, I arrange, I organize, I teach, I present, I fantasize, I invent. And most of all I love to inspire.