From Dreamtrip to Dreamlife

‘What do you do for a living?’ someone asks. ‘I travel,’ is my short and concise answer. My conversational partner needs a few seconds to digest this. The following remark is: ‘You travel for your work?’ This is the part I enjoy the most. ‘No, for fun,’ I answer. The surprise and confusion show on the other persons face.

After being ill for some time, Lilith leaves on a trip that will last for seven months. Struggling with the question: ‘Is this all?’ she tries to discover what is left of ‘Lilith’ when she is away from the Netherlands, away from ‘supposed to’ and away from ‘have to’. The trip turns out not to be a break from her regular life, but a start of a new way of living. She keeps on travelling because she feels the passion flowing through her veins while doing it.

In this book the writer tells about her experiences with other cultures, habits and customs. In a humoristic manner she compares different, sometimes absurd, events with her concept of ‘normal’. With a big portion of self-mockery the writer examines her own beliefs. She takes you to a deserted community in Costa Rica, a Hare Krishna temple in Ecuador, a circus in the United States and to the opulence of Dubai. The writer shows that everyone can ask themselves: How do I live my dreams?

Lilith Schaap (1983) worked as a drama therapist. She decides to start travelling after she recovers from a burn-out. The trip to self-discovery changes her life drastically. Currently she is active in a wide range of work (from clowning to professional organizing) and travels the world.


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 It is like ‘Eat, pray, love’ but for clowns. So it is ‘Eat, play, love’… 😉 - Tineke

 Such a life wisdom radiates from this book! A way of living, of gathering experiences and wisdom, away from all the have to's and supposed to's. - Myriam

  A beautiful travelstory, a fascinating book about expolrong Costa Rica, Ecuador, the US and Dubai, but above all the inner world of the writer. Good to see that someone that puts good into the world, receives good things back. It is a comforting thought in moments one tends to get gloomy because of all the awful news in the media about people that do not understand each other, that judge each other and make each others lives miserable. A very open and honest book. - Albert